I am K.R. Gray, and I write erotica.

And of course, that’s nothing terribly amazing or noteworthy, is it? After all, you probably came here after reading something I wrote, or you followed a link from something or other that was related to erotica. So you already know, and saying that I write it is news to nobody.

Well, let me tell you why I’m bothering to say it.

Because we should be able to say it. I should be able to say, “I write erotica” the same as you should be able to say “I enjoy erotica.” But most people don’t say that. K.R. Gray is a pen name I use because I have a whole other life… and for some reason, people have a problem with sex, so I try to keep a low profile. I’d bet that you do the same. I’m guessing that when you read hot, lust-filled books — or perhaps watch some lust-filled movies — you don’t exactly advertise it. Because what would [insert name here] think of you?

But we have something in common, you and I. I like to write erotica. I genuinely love doing it. You like to read it. We make a good team, you and I.

For now, at least we have that much.

So enjoy, and happy hot reading to you.

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